Saturday, October 06, 2007

Guitar Hero Really Rocks!

We bought our own guitar hero from ebay. It was delivered just before all the postmen went on strike on Friday, so we have had loads of fun today!

Last night was the cricket club dinner organised by Laura. It was a good evening, even though we didn't really know anyone there. The dinner was alright, but the caterers were a bit poor. They managed to spill every course on the table and one even knocked over a bottle of wine on the next table to us! We left early because we were a bit tired and we were taking nan and Grandad home and they had been up since 4am to get mum and dad to the airport. So we missed the band who were good apparently. Grandad won the raffle - again.

Today I have been incredibly busy. We went to the gym and to Sainsburys this morning and I have planted the rest of my bulbs, painted the pipes in the bathroom and made 6 (yes 6) apple pies!