Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last week we had Virgin Broadband installed which is fab! It’s super super fast. The only problem being is that our wireless modem isn’t compatible so we have had to buy a new one. At the moment that means we can only get the internet via the laptop plugged into the wall. Don’t you just love advanced technology!

Paul came over on Saturday to give our fruit trees a good pruning. They hadn’t been done in years and really needed some seeing to. The whole area looks so much better now. There’s so much more light down the bottom of the garden – and that’s without any leaves! It took him pretty much all day to do and then he and Ollie did about 4 or 5 trips to the tip to get rid of all the debris.

Laura and Wayne got back from India on Sunday with her shiny engagement ring. There’s a picture on mum’s blog. It looks gorgeous.

We’ve done a fair bit of DIY in the last couple of weeks. The trim round the laminate is finished in the dining room and half done in the lounge. We finally got half of the skirting and decorative moulding round the fireplace last week as well. It’s almost ready for the painting! Not a job I’m looking forward to I must admit as there’s so much of it to do!

Our paintings came. I’m really pleased with them. The 2 for the dining room are in their frames (which also need painting) and after much struggling and some trimming I managed to take the mirror out of the frame to put the last picture in instead (we couldn’t find a regular picture frame the right size!) We’ve also found some more that we like for the bedroom and spare room upstairs.

I’ll try and get some photos uploaded at some point.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hot water - finally!

The boiler repair man came back on Saturday morning with several more bits to repair what could possibly be broken. Carrying on his theme of we'll replace the cheaper parts first to keep repair costs down he replaced the diaphram on the diverter valve and fitted the new filling loop as we didn't have one and low and behold hot water! So we now have functioning hot water and heating that comes on with the timer. Bliss!

We also managed to get all the trim for the laminate fitted in the dining room and some in the lounge. Our pictures are also out for delivery today (obviously no one is going to be there!) So the DIY is coming along nicely.

Mum and dad came over for dinner last night. It was really nice, but I managed to burn my hand on a hot pan and it's quite sore today.

Ollie collected his new glasses from Maidstone so we decided to go to Sainsbury's in Maidstone. What a complete tip! It was the most awful Sainsbury's we've shopped in. Half of the stuff we wanted we couldn't get.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No hot water!

I wrote this yesterday, but forgot to upload it! Doh!

On Saturday our boiler decided to pack up! It’s not paying attention when you turn on the hot tap so it won’t heat up any water. Luckily the central heating is fine as it has been bitterly cold. So we picked an advert for a boiler repair man out of yellow pages and arranged an appointment for yesterday morning. 9am the appointment was for and as Grandad has a bad bout of man ‘flu it was down to dad to sit in and wait for us. After several phone calls, some he’ll be there very soon and we’re really sorry about the delay, they finally called at 4:30 to say that they won’t be coming.

We were so angry! Poor dad had sat there all day without the heating on in case it messed up what they were going to do.

I’ve called a different company and they are going to come out tonight when we get in from work – she seemed like a very nice lady and I’m hoping that it’s something simple that they can fix without anyone else needing to sit in tomorrow!

Friday, February 01, 2008

It's behind you!

Last night we went to the Playhouse Panto with mum, dad, nan and grandad. I thought it was excellent, although I did agree with Ollie that the story line was a little week. Seeing as it was Sleeping Beauty she was only asleep for 2 minutes.

Dr Lee and the evil henchmen were back this year and although last years performance was excellent they do make the show.

It had everything you could possibly want from a panto; it's behind you, oh no it isn't, DJ Otzi, a Take That song, I would roll a thousand miles, always look on the bright side of life as well as many awful jokes! I must say it was also the first pregnant Sleeping Beauty I have ever seen!