Saturday, February 21, 2009

Christening Photos

Just a few shots from Zach's Christening a few weeks ago.

Christmas Pictures

Jenny emailed me the other day with some Christmas photos.

Ollie, me and Zach

Ollie has veto'd the ones with him dressed as King Herod so I can't put them on here.

The one of Marc as a wise man, and Sebastian and Gemma as a shepherds are ok though!


Today we finally decided to try and do something about our garden.

Knowing absolutely nothing about gardening, we enlisted the help of Nan, Grandad and Mum. Unfortunately mum had hurt her hand falling down the stairs yesterday and got a bit frustrated that she couldn't help. We are very grateful for the help and guidance anyway.

The plans that we had drawn up were quickly disposed of as we couldn't have a flower bed next to the fence as we don't have base boards on that side. After some discussion on the shape of the flower bed the other side we decided on straight and set about digging.

It's been a long and arduous day and as our instrutors went home at lunchtime we had to finish by ourselves. It looks much better already and we have some other new plans for the rest of the garden.

Now we are both collapsed on the sofa with Abby after having soaked in warm baths for ages!

Kitchen update

We've finally finished painting the kitchen cupboards - they look really good now with all the doors back on.

Just the tiling and the skirting to paint now.

Exam Passes

I got the results for the exams I took in December. I passed both getting 87% for Tax and 71% for the financial reporting paper.

So I was quite chuffed about that as it means that I'm exactly half way there with 7 exams to go. It's also inspired me to take 3 exams in June so I will be very busy studying for the next few months.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

We're all going on a summer holiday!

On Friday night Ollie was looking on the Internet to see if the England team had been announced when he happened to mention that the tickets for the under 21 game in Spain were only £20. So I asked how much the tickets were for the under 21 Euro finals were because its during our summer holiday from work.

As they were only cheap we've booked up to see England v Germany, Serbia v Sweeden, we have tickets to both Semi-finals so we can choose which one we want to see and tickets to the final. So our summer holiday is going to be 9 days in Sweden! It's somewhere we've both wanted to go and we'll have lots of time in between the football to explore and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach. We're also going to have a trip to Copenhagen as it's a short hop across a bridge.

I'm really excited about it and although we have flights and the football tickets I'm now hunting through the internet for some accomodation and car hire.

Patrick's Birthday

Last night we went out in London for Patrick's birthday with a few of Ollie's Uni mates.

We had a bit of tube trouble with no central line meaning it took an hour to get from Victoria to High Street kensington. We had a quick drink in the bar where most of them have been watching the rugby all afternoon. Then we went over to the restaurant - Sticky Fingers.

It's owned by Bill Wyman and there's definately a reason why it's called Sticky Fingers. I had chicken wings smothered in BBQ sauce to start and Ollie had a half a rack of ribs. Luckily they provided handy wipes!

For main we had burgers, mine with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, bacon and cheese and Ollie had a sticky stack burger with everything you could imagine!!!!

Finally we finished off with a chocolate milkshake for me and sticky toffee pudding for Ollie. I think that I may have put the 3 1/2 pounds back on that I lost last week in one night!

We fell into bed at gone midnight only to be disturbed a few minutes later by the ginger cat from down the road which had snuck into our spare room!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowed in

Well we weren't exactly snowed in but there were no trains running past Gillingham.

However, by the wonders of modern technology we were both able to dial in from home and do a full day's work.