Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eniskillen Northern Ireland

After the garden Ollie's dad wanted to go and look at ride on lawn mowers as his seeded lawn is just abut ready to be mowed. As he is loosing so much money on the exchange rates to Euro and things tend to be more expensive in Ireland it made sense to make the trip to Northern Ireland where he could buy in pounds.

We were dropped off at the shopping center so I could go in Next to spend my vouchers as I had been most disgusted to find they had closed the duty free one at Gatwick while they do a big refurb.

I didn't find anything in Next but I did get 2 tops and a magazine in Asda!!!

As we went back to meet Paul and Anna the heavens opened again and we ended up getting soaked.

That night was a trip out to a traditional Irish pub. I had the lamb shank which came with mash with spring onions in it and vegetables complete with traditional Irish red cabbage. Unfortunately I didn't get a Guinness as we I had agreed to have wine and I thought it might be rude to ask for Guinness as well!!

Ollie had steak with Garlic butter which was absolutely gorgeous. My lamb was very good. Huge (you could feed a family of 4 with it!) but I'm not sure it was as good as the one we had at the George at Newnham.

Anna and I had rhubarb crumble and the guys had Toblerone cheesecake both of which were very nice.

After that and coffees it was home to bed as it had been a very long day out in the car. The one problem with Ireland was that it didn't seem to get dark! Well it did at about 11:30pm (when there were no clouds) and it was light well before we were ready to wake up!

A little bit of rain

Tuesday Anna has a course at the Organic garden. Her and a group of ladies are in charge of growing some veg and learning all about organic gardening at the same time.

So Ollie's dad took us out to see some of the sights and then meet up with Anna afterwards.

We went via a pretty village and we did visit a few lookout points but it was raining too hard to get out the car. We had another picnic lunch in the car but again it was raining too much to get out!
Luckily when we met up with Anna it stopped raining for a bit and we were able to explore the gardens

Ahoy there

Monday we had a day out on the boat. It was brilliant. We went through a lock and I even got a turn at driving!
We had a chicken sandwich picnic with a glass of wine in the middle of a loch.

Ollie's dad did have a little bit of trouble parking at the end and we almost crashed into the boat moored in the spacce next to his!

We had a really yummy lamb casserole that Anna cooked that night. I enjoyed it very much although I did feel that all the sheep were looking in the window saying hey you lot just ate Bob!

Ollie's dad had a golf lesson that night, so we sat with Anna and watched a few episodes of Kurb your Enthusiasm which is made by the same bloke that invented Seinfeld. It was funny in parts but I don't think we'll be rushing out to buy it.

Ireland day 1

Sunday we flew out to Ireland to visit Ollie's dad and Anna.

As we got there late we didn't really do much apart from have a sandwich and catch up with the news and have a tour of their house. It's really lovely but they still have a few bits to finish. The views from our bedroom were the best in the house and they have a field of sheep at the end of their back garden.

Flowers from my garden

After my exams I took a few photos of the flowers growing in my garden among the many many weeds!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Last day

Today was my last day at work. We spent all afternoon in the pub as the management were all away on a team building thing!

I got a nice card, a monkey, a panda and some Next vouchers. More than I was expecting seeing as they only had 4 days notice to arrange it.

I also got a helium balloon. I tied it to my bag while I was talking to someone and the next thing I know Raj had managed to release it from the tie and it was now stuck in the high vault ceiling! He did feel so bad about it though that he went and bought me a new one!!!