Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is how it looks now the first layers of plaster have been completed. The ceiling is plastered in these pictures and the three walls as well. The pebble dash wall has about 4 layers of plaster with 2 more to go!


We are actually now at the point where the plaster has been finished (in fact the ceiling is almost dry) and the doors and skirting will be finished tomorrow (I added a few more jobs to the chippies list and forgot to tell him so he turned up without an oppo!) I can't take pictures as we haven't got lights yet (tomorrow or Saturday). Unfortunately we also had a call from DFS saying our sofa is ready and they can't store it. 4 weeks early! So we're getting it tomorrow.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Starting the lounge

Over new year we took advantage of the sales and the last of the lower rate VAT to order a new sofa. We have been using the ones left by the previous owners of our house since we moved in February and they are a bit manky and really uncomfortable.

Only trouble is that we need to decorate the lounge before the new sofa arrives in four weeks time.

Stage one was to rip the wonky ceiling down (and find out why it was wonky). The guys came in to do this on Friday. The good news was that the ceiling was not wonky because there was anything wrong with the roof. The ceiling was wonky because they had stretched garden canes across some of the beams to hold the insulation up, the insulation goes across some other beams and electrical cables across some more. They had also managed to screw a screw right through one of the cables to the lights which probably explained why they kept cutting out.

The next job was to channel a route through the floor for the speaker cables for the rear speakers and to get the cable into the kitchen for the speakers in the kitchen. This has created mountains of dust.