Thursday, May 31, 2007


We watched the launch of Big Brother 8 last night. I spent all day uming and ahhing over whether to give in and watch it this year. Traditionally I watch the launch and then the last episode and don’t really bother in between. However last year I was completely hooked from the beginning and ended up watching every single episode.

We again wondered where they get these people from! Although I don’t think that I’ll be hooked this year. I can’t bring myself to watch 11 girls. I think that I’ll wait for some guys go in and the noise level of the screaming is down to something that not only dogs can hear.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Giant Jenga Rules

Everything’s been really quiet the last few days at work. We had a big deadline last week and things will kick off big time again in July but for the moment it is all very relaxed. All the management are on a training course so we have spent the last 2 days surfing the web and generally being very bored!

Last night we went to my mates for a drink. They seem quite happy after their disappointing wedding at the weekend. They have watched their wedding video and looked at some of the photos and remembered that they were really happy for most of the day.

They got some great wedding presents. Someone bought them giant Jenga which we had fun playing – except I lost twice! They also got a few dodgy presents as well which is par for the course and we had fun swapping awful wedding present stories!

I also got to see their new bathroom now they have finally finished it, but they have laid the same floor tiles as we have chosen for our new bathroom. I am hoping that it doesn’t take us a year to do ours as it has theirs, but on our past record I’m not so sure!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bank holiday washout

For the rest of the weekend it has rained. Not even a bit of drizzle, but proper full on bucketing it down nastiness. We've done no DIY (although we did go to B & Q and chose the skirting for the lounge). Memo to self - never EVER go to B & Q on a bank holiday when it's raining. It took us 10 minutes just to get into the car park!

The cats have been monsters, having been sleeping all day they refuse to go out at night and run up and down the stairs when we are trying to sleep. I swear sometimes that we have bought a herd of elephants and not 2 kittens! Besides which one of them lost their collar on Saturday night. That would not have been too much of a problem except that they have one of these new fangled cat flaps that have a magnet to let them in, which was lost along with his collar. So we have had to tape over the magnetic lock which means that they can invite their mates from down the road over for dinner and stair thumping…

3rd wedding of the year...

What a weekend!

My best friend got married on Saturday. Although it was a bit windy and very cold it didn't rain, which was the main thing. All was very calm at her mum's house in the morning. Although with a bride, a mother of the bride, father of the bride, 4 bridemaids and a page boy all to get ready it was a bit crowded!

All kind of went to plan, the bride was only a few minutes late and my necklace (which I had forgotten) met me at the church and was finally untangled after 5 minutes of frantic waving, swearing and chipped nails!

The vicar got Alan's ( the groom) name wrong, calling him by his middle name (also his dad's name) a couple of times during the ceremony but this was just very funny and it followed that everyone called him John for the rest of the day!

The photographer got on everyone's nerves, but that's normal right? and when we got to Chilston Manor for the bulk of the photos he tried to get us to all sit on the damp grass. The bride refused point blank and us bridesmaids reluctantly agreed after taking off our nice silver shoes. We still managed to get covered in grass stains!

Things went a bit down hill from here with the bride having a bit of a falling out with her in laws, the best man being changed half way through the meal and the brides dad treading on the wedding dress and tearing the hook holding the train up. There were more than a few tears before bedtime but I think on the whole they had a good day. There is no one I know who deserved a good wedding day more than my mate especially as they had to postpone the wedding for a year due to new arrival.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ok Here we go...

Right then.

I've never had a blog before so this is all very new and exciting. I was never interested in the whole "blog revolution" thing and frankly did not see the point!

However, I have been reading mum's (yizzsyawn) recently after she sent me a link so I could see her photography course photos. (Very nice they are too) and it got me thinking. Her reasons for writing a blog seemed great - basically to remind her what she had done the previous week as she has trouble remembering. Her eldest daughter (me) has exactly the same problem with her memory as mum does.

Plus part of this useless memory stuff is that we forget to tell each other things. I have been reading her blog so I know what she's been up to lately and for when she forgets to tell me important stuff like she has an interview today! So I've set up a blog so she can read mine and I won't have to remember to tell her important things that I'm bound to forget and get me in trouble! We may never have to actually speak to each other again! But let's hope not. There's nothing better than to talking to your mummy, no matter how old you are!

So although this blog is mainly for mum, and I guess nan and granddad will hop on the bandwagon when he gets his computer sorted I also want it for me. I am hopeless at keeping a diary although I loved reading all the old entries.

Here it goes then. My first entry. Wow. I suppose I'll have to learn all the little tricks like photos and links and things but just writing will do for now!