Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A busy busy bank holiday break

What a busy weekend.

Our major project for this weekend was to paint all the woodwork in the lounge and the dining room. Friday we primed, Saturday we undercoated and Sunday we did the first coat of gloss. Now it looks so good - like it's almost finished! We need to do another coat of gloss next weekend and I'll post some photos then. Then all we will have left to do is put the paintings and the mirror up and paint the radiators and the lounge will be done. We still need to sort the cupboard door out in the dining room and paint the woodwork up the stairs and on the landing.

I also planted out some more vege seeds and Ollie mowed the lawn on Friday before it spent the rest of the weekend snowing! It didn't lay but it was very cold and wet. The cats had dug up the courgettes that I had planted the previous Sunday so I wasn't very pleased about that!

Other than that we went to Prezzo for dinner on Friday night with Ollie's dad, Anna, Gemma and Marc. It was a very nice meal although it will be sad that we won't get to see Ol's dad as much now as he has moved to Ireland.

Saturday we went to Helen and Alan's for a poker night. I lost, which was a shame, but it was a good night, even if we didn't get home until the early hours.

Sunday we went out to the Bear in Faversham with Nigel, Sara, Paul, Hannah, Ian, Tom, Ashleigh, and their friend Harvey. It was quieter than we had expected in there and we had the whole front bar to ourselves for most of the time. We left when they moved onto the Sun, although we did bump into Peter Ehman and Sam in there!

Yesterday we went out to Grove Ferry with Mum, Dad, Laura, Wayne, Nan and Granddad for lunch. Laura and Wayne are thinking of hiring it for their wedding reception. It was a nice place and will be lovelly on the river front in July (if it's not like last year!!!) but we will have to hire a room I think as it took us ages to get there and home again.

We have 6 over for dinner tonight so I made lasagne last night so I wouldn't have to rush today. I'm hoping to be let home early today as lots of people haven't made it in because of the train problems in Essex.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ideal Home show

Saturday we went to the Ideal Home Show. We got our tickets in advance as they were offering £3 discount and a free show guide which also entitled you to a free goodie bag. Thinking we would beat the crowds queuing to get tickets we got there just after 10am. There was NO queue to buy tickets and the queue for the pre-paid ticket entry went around the block! Still it didn’t take us too long to get in and we headed straight off to the kitchen department to see if they had any foodie free samples! The first exhibition that caught our eye was a guy with a health grill – endorsed by the British Heart Foundation. Basically the bottom round the edge fills with water and then there is a curved hot plate over the top and you put the whole thing on your hob. The water keeps the food moist and you can put other flavourings in if you wish. Then all the fat runs out and into the water around the edge. The samples were really nice and the first 50 people also got one to put in the oven for roasts free. The bottom of this bit can also be used as a lid to convert the hob one into a steamer. So we took the plunge and bought one. I’ve used it a couple of times already and I think it’s brilliant. My lamb chops have never been so moist and tender. I also did a ‘healthy’ fry up and there was no greasy food smell at all. The water seems to absorb all the smells as well.

The only other thing we got were replacements for our paint rollers. We have the ones that you put paint inside and we think that they are fab – the only problem was that we got another make at the Kent home show last year and the foam outside was more like fleece fabric, which doesn’t wash as easily and has bobbled really badly. As we are planning on doing the outside of the house with them we think this will pretty much finish them off. Plus we got the edge roller as well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was mine and Ollie's first wedding anniversary. I can't believe that it has been a whole year already! I'm also very very glad that the weather on our special day was nothing like it was yesterday! I got soaked getting to work and my boot leaked! I had just dried out and warmed up when it was time to go home.

We went to The Olive Tree in Rainham on Saturday. It was fantastic. In reminiscence of our honeymoon we had bruschetta to start (Ollie's with mushrooms and mine with tomatoes) and Calzone for main course. It was the best calzone we've had in England, but it still wasn't as good as a true Roman one. It was a bit strange as it was actually served with a tomato sauce by the side and it had bolognaise inside! Still it was very yummy. The service was good on the whole and Ollie's chocolate brownie was lovelly.

Mum and Nan and Grandad also popped in on Saturday to drop off a card, some flowers and my gooseberry bushes. We also went to see the new gym which has opened up down the road. Even though it is very nice and new and does offer a better range of classes that I could actually go to, there's nothing that makes the extra money every month worth it and we figure that seeing as most people they were showing around were talking about transferring from Swallows then it may be a bit quieter to stick where we are!

Gemma popped over on Sunday to drop off a card and some more flowers. She had the exciting news that she is expecting her fourth baby! She had her 12 week scan last week and all is fine. We have arranged to go out with Ollie's dad and Anna at Easter as they will be moving to Ireland permanently on Easter Sunday.

So with all the excitement we didn't actually get any DIY done and I doubt that we will get much done this weekend as we are going to the Ideal Home Show on Saturday and it's Marc's birthday so I expect we will be popping to Whitstable on Sunday.

Friday, March 07, 2008

A potentially bad day turns out ok!

Wednesday I had my third exam in the morning - which I passed! I was very relieved as it was a really boring module that I hadn't really got into. Then in the afternoon I had the dentist. After waiting in the waiting room for 45 minutes, I spent 2 minutes with the dentist for him to say yes all looks fine - floss more!

Sunday I had cooked roast dinner for all the family for mother's day. It was really nice and the pork turned out much better than expected.

Other than that there is not a lot to report. Ollie and I went to Beefeater on Wednesday evening to celebrate my exam pass, and we decided to give our local Beefeater one last chance to impress us as the last few times the food hasn't been great. We waited 10 minutes before we were even seen at the little podium thing. Then the waitress forgot to put our side dish through and we didn't get it until we had nearly finished our mains. Our chips weren't cooked - they were hard in the middle! Plus our side of garlic bread was literally one thin slice of brown bread that had been soaked in garlic for about 24 hours and then had about an inch of cheese on the top which hadn't melted properly where it was so thick. The onion rings and the mushrooms were burnt! So we were so annoyed at this point that I never even got my chocolate brownie sundae that was the sole reason that we went! So I'm now off to the feedback website and we certainly won't be back to that one!