Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kitchen alterations

A few weeks ago I bought a new spice rack and jars because I had too many extra spices in the cupboard. A simple addition to the kitchen, I thought. I had even picked out the space that I thought it could go and measured it to check that it fitted.

Ollie, however had other grand plans which involved moving cupboards and trimming tiles so the spice rack has stayed in the box until the grand plans could be put into action. That was this weekend. The plans were slightly scaled down when I suggested that we could probably just lose a cupboard and distribute the items into the other cupboards and then we wouldn't have to move the large cabinet or the tiles. We could then also fit in some shelves for my cookbooks and dispensers for the cling-film and foil. So off to Ikea we went to get shelf units and  dispensers.

Yesterday we put up the speakers in the kitchen. It's really nifty as I can now listen to music in the kitchen while Ollie is watching TV or playing games in the lounge. We also put up the dispensers for the cling-film and the foil. Unfortunately I did not realise that they came in different lengths and the ones we have are too long for the dispensers!!! Ollie sawed a couple of centimetres off the roll of foil, but that didn't work with the cling-film.

Today we put up the shelf units for the cookbook, I am really pleased with these and now I don't have to keep carting books up and down the stairs whenever I cook.

Unfortunately, when we got the new spice rack out the box we realised that they had changed the design. Unlike my existing one which can be screwed to the wall or attach hooks for use with the rail, the new one can only be used with the rail. Ok, no problem we thought, we have the hooks and the rail from when we bought the first one.

I went up in the attic to get the hooks and the rail, but you can't get 2 spice racks on the small rail that I have and the gap we have isn't quite big enough for our 2 rails side by side. So when we go back to Ikea we'll have to get the medium sized rail to put the racks on. In the meantime I've gone from 1 spice rack to no spice rack (the books went in the gap where the original one was)

I made something useful!

After finding my sewing machine in the attic the first job was to make a new peg bag. We've had an old peg bag that nan made for years but the hook fell off and it wasn't worth attempting to dismantle it and replace the hanger so I made a new one from the pattern in one of the sewing books I had got.

I did have a minor issue with the pattern in that I didn't check to see if I had a hanger the same as they used in the book so we had to make a minor adjustment to a plastic hanger I did have!

I am pleased with the result. The fabric is all from Ikea. Here it is in use with pegs in it!