Monday, July 20, 2009

More scrapping

I have been busy doing lots of scrapping, so I thought I'd load the photos.

This is sketch 2 from the Pickleberry papercrafts blog that we got when we went for our crop.

This is a scraplift from a page that was on the wall of the shop at Pickleberry Papercrafts.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've been scrapping!

This morning mum and I went to Kate's new craft shop and workshop. We did a class that Kate had prepared and Jane talked us through it.

We both had a fantastic time and will definately be going back soon!

I had also done a Layout at mum's last week

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Garden

Well things have certainly been growing in my garden while we were on holiday. Mostly weeds but my plants have also got much bigger.

I now have fushias...

In 2 colours...
In 2 colours...

Some daisy bush thing that seems to have taken over more than it's fair share of space!

Some things that I can never remember the name of...

And some bellis flowers which have tiny tiny daisy flowers...

My patio veg are doing very well. I have tiny cucumbers and the start of some chilis.

As for my vegetable patch, well when Grandad saw it yesterday he said that the weeds have won and to give it up and try again next year. Well me, always wanting to prove people wrong I went out and got rid of the majority of the weeds and planted my corn and my leeks.

Ok, so I don't think the cauliflower is going to amount to much - it had been much loved and munched by an extended family of snails. This family of snails have now been relocated to the other side of the fence. and my cauliflowers protected by pellets.

But my swedes are growing well - this one is the 2nd biggest so far. I'm loving the fact that even though I planted all the seeds at the same time, they are growing at different rates so I don't have to have all of them in the same stew!

The beetroot is also coming along nicely.

But I am most impressed with my courgettes.

My cabbages have survived the snails and the caterpillers so far.