Monday, November 26, 2007


Today's challenge on the photography challenge blog is wet. Here is my attempt at wet, my bath running for me to get ready to go out to the pub tonight. It's going to be rare occurance - Ian, Helen, Alan, Ollie and me are all going to the pub together! Getting all of us together when 2 of us work in London, 2 of us do shift work and 1 of us lives in London but spends more time in the outer hebredies and works 14 hour days 4, 35 days in a row is quite a challenge!

For the first day of our week off I have been quite productive and made 6 Christmas cards. Only a few more to go now.
A Selection...

We also went to Sainsburys, fun! But we did get 2 more Christmas presents and a birthday present for Ollie's nephew who is 4 today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mum's birthday

Saturday was mum's birthday party. Laura did all the arranging which she did superbly, only asking me to get some sparklers!

Ollie had never let fireworks off before and being the pyromaniac that he is asked if he could be in charge. After years of standing while other people let one firework off at a time we joined forces and attempted lighting more than one at a time.

I managed to get my rockets to spin which was impressive. Halfway through we were interupted by mum's friend's bloke playing happy birthday on the bagpipes on our driveway!

Dad nailed the catherine wheel to the fence which got stuck and wouldn't turn round.

We continued with the fireworks, not exactly sticking to the safety rules but being careful until the last 3 rockets when we only had enough lighting stick left for 1 light. So we twisted all the fuses together and set them off. One went off in the sky, one into next doors garden and one in the tree!

Then we moved onto the 3 million sparkers Ollie had got which ended up in some strange places (in the firework pot, in a beer bottle and in the cake!)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Pumpkins

Unfortunately my pumpkin was not ready for Halloween. I is starting to turn orange but according to the guide I read on the net, it's supposed to be harvested when i is fully orange and then mature for 10 days. Well this photo was taken last weekend so it had no chance of being ready for yesterday.
Ollie enjoyed carving pumpkins so much last time that he wanted to do it again, so we got some pumpkins in Sainsbury's and took them to mum's on Sunday for the carving. Here is the end result!

Last night I refused to stay in the house in the dark (so the trick or treaters wouldn't know we were home) and went to yoga with Helen.