Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some more cards and a rant

I've been doing more cards this afternoon and as I've finished my presentation for my research project and Ollie has gone to the cinema I thought I'd post the ones where the glue has dried...

That's not a rougue gold star, it's actually a holographic one that's caught the light differently!

I'm now sitting here extremely annoyed as I know I have stuff missing from my craft cupboard that I am sure I had before we moved. Well before I swapped my stuff from the B&Q tool chest to the papermania tote to be precise. Number one item missing is my coluzzle mat. I know I had it just before I started packing up for the house move. I've not got my Cuttlebug yet (and will then have to save for dies) and Mum gave me all her coluzzle templates when she got her Cricut. Cutting them with a regular craft mat is not really giving the same result and it's driving me mad!Also MIA is my brand new unopened packet of wet and dry foam. I suspect they are in cahoots together as I used to keep them in the same place.

On the plus side I've found I have 2 circle coluzzle templates and 2 square ones, so I have backup if I loose either of those!

In other news, we've finally chosen all of our bathroom bits and bobs and have booked the plumber and the electrician. The order to the bathroom shop has been made and I'm in the process of ordering the bits off ebay that I found cheaper. I'm still not quite understanding dual fuel towel rail elements and need to speak to the plumber and electrician before I take the plunge and buy those.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chance to Win

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Christmas Cards

I have started my Christmas cards with my new goodies from Ally Pally and the inspiration that we got. I have lots more in progress that I've started the toppers for.

And some birthday cards from my fab new Iris folding book