Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh No! How embarrassing!

Last night was my work's summer party. We had an old school style sports day with lots of fun activities such as an egg and spoon race, a bean bag on the head race, a skipping race and welly wanging!

But the race I was most looking forward to all day, the one I had been bragging that I was best at? The space hopper race! (I'm the one on the orange hopper)

But oh no! As I took my very first bounce, I felt my trousers rip! I had to carry on, it was a relay and I knew if I stopped every one would turn to look. So I carried on and then ran very fast to my friend! Luckily my friend had a spare skirt.

Everyone laughed at me a lot and have not let me forget it today at work! The pictures even made their way onto the intranet!

Sunday in Barcelona

There's not too much to say about the Sunday. We had a very late breakfast, again superb. Then we spent all morning by the pool.

We had a bit of a disasterous trip to McDonalds. The lady only spoke Catalan, so was struggling with our English and Verity's Spanish. We ended up minus a big mac and 2 drinks but with an extra chips!

Our plane was also delayed coming home so it was very late when we all got home.

Barcelooonaaaaaaaaaa Part 2

Unfortunately although we had pre-booked our tour bus tickets and the bus ran right past our hotel door, we couldn't use our pre-booking ticket from the hotel, we had to go all the way into the centre of town before we could get on the bus.

So we all jumped in 2 taxis and headed off to the centre of town. Claire had to queue for a while and on seeing the queue for the bus, we walked to the next bus stop resisting the urge to visit H & M and Zara!

After a short bus ride we stopped at La Sagrada Familia. It was hugely impressive, even though it won't be finished for another 20 years. Considering they have been building for over 100 years already - I'm not sure we can complain about the delays to Wembley!

It was amazing, but we declined the 45 min wait to go to the top of the building and instead we wondered around the cathedral and the giftshop.

After another short bus ride we stopped at the gaudi park. It was a bit crowded but was nice admiring the view and the architecture.

Then it was back on the bus and off to the Nou Camp. We did find it amusing that all the guys stayed on the bus and the group of 7 girls got off! We ate our sandwiches on the grass and had a wonder around the huge shop.

Kath and I had a huge strop when we found out that the tours were all cancelled due to a stupid U2 concert. We did have some fun with a flag - but that is a secret so I can't say anything about that here.

Back on the bus to do the rest of the tour, where we sat on the top of the open air bus in the sunshine. It was 35 degrees at 4pm when we passed the harbour.

We got off the bus outside the hotel and had a compulsory stop in Primark before we headed back to the pool.

It was then time to get ready and head off for our night out. Claire had prepared a list of restaurants and I had looked on their website and chosen one that seemed to have a wide range in the menu and didn't seem too bad price wise. Unfortunately, it was not that great. The menu offered was a lot more limited and to be honest a bit boring. Laura and I went for burger and cheese expecting (at €10) to at least get a few chips as well. We were wrong. We got a very rare burger on a riveta with a lot of blue cheese sauce (Which had made the rivita thing soggy!) Louise and Verity had pasta but only got 4 bits of pasta for their €10. The other 3 had enough paella to feed the entire population of Barcelona! So unfair!

After some more drinks, a snack and some glowing flashy rings, the girls headed off to a nightclub. By this point (it was 2.30am) my feet hurt so much I could barely walk let alone dance - so I dropped them off in a taxi and went back to the hotel.

Monday, June 15, 2009


This weekend saw me and 6 girlies head off into the sunset to Barcelona for Laura's first hen party. I met Kath and Claire at London Bridge and we caught our train ok to Gatwick. We met Laura, Verity, Alice and Louise in Wetherspoons where they were polishing off a pink cocktail! After brief introductions and the handing out of T-Shirts we headed off to security.

Everyone was waved through apart from me because my pre-printed boarding pass didn't have a barcode. Everyone else had to go through and I was sent off to a very long Easyjet queue. As I was waiting in the queue I happened to glance at the defective boarding card only to realise Loz had mixed them up and given me the return trip! After a phone call and some begging of a security guard I was back at security meeting my boarding card!

We just had time for a bottle of champagne to calm our nerves before getting on the plane!

I had looked at the best way to get from the airport to the hotel on the web and they recommended the train as a quick and easy way of getting there. They lied. It was a 10 minute walk to the train station (mainly because we walked in the wrong direction because there were no signposts) and then another 15 minute walk in between the train station and the metro. Luckily the metro was airconditioned as we were getting a bit hot and bothered at this point. It was only a 2 minute walk from the metro to our hotel but we had managed to exit the wrong way and ended up with a rather brisk trot through a rather scary looking council estate!

After all this we definately needed the glass of wine in the hotel bar!

The hotel definately made up for the treck, there were huge twin rooms, complimentary robes and slippers, a free minibar and 2 pools.

Saturday we were up early for a dip in the pool on the 23rd floor with a fantastic view of the sea. Then it was off to breakfast. None of us had ever seen as big a breakfast before! They had everything you could possibly imagine, including roasted vegetables, pizza and tomatoes stuffed with tuna! Of course there was also the traditional eggs and bacon as well as fruit, cereal, muffins, pastries, bread, toast, cheese, ham, cured meat, salami and sausages! Having filled up our tummies and our purses with snacks for later we headed back to our rooms to get ready to go out for the day.