Sunday, October 09, 2011


Ever since we moved in we have hated the huge monstrosity between our garden and next door. It blocks out all the light and harbours more than one family of snails. 

Before photo

Next door started trimming their side back, so we started trimming our side and before we knew it we were talking to next door about getting rid of it completely.

We started removing some at the end of the garden and next door finished the job off during the week. 

It took us 10 trips to the tip the weekend to get rid of all of the debris but the garden looks so much open now. I can't believe how much space we've gained. Next door is going to help us put up some willow screening next weekend (well actually helping Ollie, as I will be at work). Then we just need to get rid of the flowerbed so we can actually have room to sit on the patio.

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