Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hottest October since Record Breakers ended

We had one last weekend of glorious weather for the summer (or should I say one weekend of glorious weather in the summer). As Nigel was home we had arranged a couple of things with him and Sarah. The first was a night out in Croydon, our first since moving here 18 months ago. Sara and Keira joined us and we had a few drinks in Yates and then moved on to Reflex, the 80s nightclub. I must say, there are some very funny looking people who go out in Croydon on a Friday night! Still a great night was had by all and we danced until the wee hours of the morning. I must say that the evening was only marred by the lack of kebab shops open at 1:30 on a Saturday morning so I had to come home and make us all cheese on toast!

We were booked in to do a wine and wisdom on Saturday night in Faversham. We had planned to go down at lunch time and make the most of the weather in the pub garden. Unfortunately Nigel banned that idea as he said we would be in no fit state to answer the quiz questions. So after a rather yummy pub lunch we went for a 'walk'. This turned out to be a six mile hike across the Kent countryside. It was a bit hot but very enjoyable to be walking in the sunshine.

There was no food provided at the wine and wisdom so we had all organised a piece of dinner. We were the only table to turn up with a full 3 course meal, even if Paul misunderstood when we said we needed spoons for desert and we ended up with 2 spoons between 8 of us! 

The questions were aimed at people about 20 years older than us so needless to say we didn't do too well. We became the rowdy table in the corner instead. We didn't come last though, managing to languish mid table. A professional quiz team had managed to sneak past the invigilators and they won the Kentish apple juice, but were very ungracious, leaving as they picked up their prize and throwing their raffle prizes in the bin! How rude! If you don't want it at least throw it away at home!

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